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                                    Discover Akrotiri


    Akrotiri, meaning ''Cape'' in Greek, is the name of a peninsula that extends East of the city of Chania with several villages, the Chania Airport and the Port of Suda. It is covered with vineyards and olive trees, the traditional cultures of the Cretan soil and in the last twenty years is having a strong tourist presence attracted by the sun, the beauty of the landscape, the food (Cretan food is the typical Mediterrenean diet) and last but most important, the beaches.

    And there are, several of them. Beautiful sandy beaches with gorgeous golden sand and waters with all shades of aqua colors from greenish to blue and so clean you can clearly see the sand in the bottom, several meters below surface. Three beaches by the names of Kalathas, Tersanas and Stavros are on the Northeast side of Akrotiri looking to Aegean Sea, all at a distance of 1 to 3 km from Aloni Suites. Kalathas (2 km) is the biggest of the three, Tersanas (1 km) the smallest, a real boutique beach, and Stavros (3 km) sports a dock for small local fishing boats. Stavros is the ''Zorba beach'' where the hero of the movie, starring Anthony Quinn, was dancing the syrtaki with his English friend in the famous movie of the 60's, the presumed mine being a cave high on the cliff hanging over one side of the beach.

    All three beaches are perfectly safe for children, sloping very gradually while the sand provides an excellent playground floor for them. On all three there are restaurants and cantinas serving everything from fast food to excellent and reasonably priced fish dishes prepared with local fish.

    At the end of the day, though, a retreat to Aloni Suites distant from the hustle and bustle of the beach and within a peaceful landscape allows for a perfect relaxation, accentuated by the spectacular sunsets.

   A religious landmark is also located in Akrotiri. The Monastery of Agia Triada Jagarolon amid a sea of olive trees (the Monastery is an important producer of certified olive oil) is a place of tranquility and recollection worth visiting especially before sunset when colors become saturated and unbearably beautiful.

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